After Which? highlighted misleading advertising to the Advertising Standards Authority in 2000, several airlines and travel companies stopped hiding added taxes and surcharges on their websites.

We jolt every camera over 900 times to test image stabilisation, and in 2009 we took over 23,000 photos to judge the battery life of cameras

Our members receive advice from our Legal Service on a wide range of legal matters including employment issues, parking fines, cowboy builders, how to return faulty goods and much more. One such member proceeded, with our support, to take a private clamping company to Small Claims Court and subsequently won his case, receiving a full refund of the fee and court costs.

Over 13,000 of our members took part in our survey about which supermarkets and stores they rate the highest.

We ask our canine friend Tomahawk to roll around in our laundry before we rigorously test each washing machine

By campaigning for healthier products, clearer and more consistent labelling and responsible promotions, we’re helping address the rising rates of obesity and diet-related disease.

We only award our Best Buy status to the very best products and services that come out top in our tests.

We advised the UK government on what action to take to deliver easily accessible and good quality NHS dentistry in response to an independent review.

We were instrumental in the creation of the Future of Banking Commission – its final report included 39 recommendations for making the banking system safer and fairer for the consumer.

Through our Money helpline, we’ve helped our members win excess of 345,000 in compensation.

We’re campaigning for better car parking in hospitals, including fair charges, concessions for regular visitors, and sufficient space.

Consumers told us that energy bills are confusing so we put pressure on energy companies to simplify their bills. N Power and EON have both responded by launching new and improved energy bills that show the important information at a glance.

732,853,855 is the total number of miles driven by cars in our last survey.

Seatbelts save thousands of lives every year. Which? campaigned to make them compulsory.

Our "Move It" campaign resulted in The Consumers Estate Agents and Redress Act 2007, ensuring all estate agents have to join an independent ombudsman scheme.

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